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Air Duct Heater

It’s common to install air ducts on the roof of industrial and commercial areas and buildings. Those primary uses for air ducts are the following: central air heating, ventilation and air conditioning. For a large building or structure, supplement heating is necessary to deliver the air at appropriate quality and temperature.

Duct heaters are ideal to warm low-pressure air flow via convection heating. For cold and humid environments, the air flowing temperature of the duct will gradually decrease across the duct wall. For this case, an air duct heater would be useful to supply the required heat in order to warm the building. A duct heater’s simple design and installation is the main feature for this product.

In addition, duct heaters have a large variety of application; for example, comfort heating, humidity control, freeze protection, heat treating, air pre-heating, etc. For large buildings and houses application, the primary use of air duct heaters is air ventilation system and comfort heating. A unit heater or a ceramic heater can be installed during or after the new building construction since this type of air heater can be easily removed and installed

Product Description

Model Number:    Air Series

Output:    electrical

Dimension(L*W*H):    As Model

Weight:    As Model

Certification:    ISO

Media:    Air

Heat Efficiency:    ≥95%

Highest Operation Temperature:    800

Structure:    Seamless Stainless Steel fins Tube

Pressure:    Low Pressure

Style:    Vertical

Fuel:    Electric

Product name:    Air Duct Heater

Product Type:    Hot Air Electric Heater

Output:    Hot Air

Dimension(L*W*H):    designed as customer's request

Material:    Carbon Steel Spray/SS304

Shap:    Cabinet type

Warranty:    12 month

Power(W):    3KW-1000 KW

Voltage:    380V/415V/440V/450V

Place of Origin: Yancheng, China

Packaging: Wooden case

Port of Origin: Shanghai, China


6.Portable hot air generator.

Product Advantages

5.Load battery, for test of engines or electric generators or any equipment that needs electric consumption energy test.

4.High temperature, for application in ovens and stoves.

Minimal air speed: 1.55m/s

Maximum air temperature: 650ºC

3.Air heating in industrial process, stoves, ovens, heating premises, etc. 2.5m/s 200ºC

Minimal air speed: 2.5m/s

Maximum air temperature: 200ºC

1.Assembly in conduits of air conditioning.

Minimal air speed: 1.5m/s

Maximum air temperature: 60ºC

2.Air handling unit.

Minimal air speed: 1.5m/s

Maximum air temperature: 80ºC

The main frame is made of steel, bear strong weight;
The heat preservation device is perfect and thermal efficiency is improved;
Oil return temperature can be displayed;
Switching function of heating power and it can be customized;
The temperature can be adjusted freely at RT- 300 °C;
Automatic exhaust when starting up;
Delay cooling when shutting down,and it can be customized;
Multipoint temperature control and it can be customized;
Pressure detection and alarm;
Temperature detection and alarm;
Our heater are with explosion-proof, they can be OEM.



Devices for air warming in conduits of forced air, ovens, stoves and many other appliances for the industry and the air conditioning sector. Made with rectangular or spiral fin elements. The air duct heaters are classified according to its application:


Specification Table

(1) heater start and stop control
(2) signal display of heater start and stop
(3) display and control of outlet temperature
(4) three phase current and voltage display
(5) system power indication and fault alarm indication
(6) fault interlock and electric automatic protection



Our electric air duct heater is equipped with a perfect operating control and safety monitoring device, so it can realize Automation Control

it can reach a higher operating temperature under lower operating  pressure

High Thermal efficiency, can reach to higher than 95%,the control precision can be +/-1 °c

the equipment is of small volume, flexibly to install, adapt to install nearby the heat using equipment