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Chemical Tank

Electric mixing and heating tank is consisted of tank body, mixing part, heating part and electric control panel. The tank made up of stainless steel with jacket for heating or cooling and insulating layer for outer. There are many options for choosing the type of Jacketed heating,  such as electric heating steam heating, oil heating.

According to technological requirements, the mixing part can choose high shear, high speed dispersion or low speed  or mixing,paddle mixing, propeller mixing and so on.

Reactor is typically used to install floor mounted legs,also can use lug  support on  the platform.


Product Description

Product Application

1.  Mixing and heating uniformly to prove product quality.

2.  Operating conveniently saving working time.

3.  By dynamic balance testing to improve working safety.

4.  No nosy to improve working environment.

5.  Materials are all sanitary stainless steel.

6.  Humanized structure design and easy to operate.

7.  Transition area of interior wall on tank adopts arc for transition to ensure no dead comer of sanitation.



1.Used as liquid storage tank, liquid composing tank, temporary storage tank and water storage tank etc.


2.Electric mixing and heating tank used in fields such as foods, dairy products, fruit juice beverages, pharmacy, chemical industry and biological engineering etc.



Specification Table

Product Feature

Configuration of tank

  1. Electrical motor, reducer, control panel.
  2. Feed inlet, outlet, equipped port.
  3. Quick open manhole.
  4. Paddle blender.
  5. Dismounted materials input pipe assembly.
  6. Various types of CIP cleaners (According to customer requirements ).
  7. Thermometer (According to customer requirements ).
  8. Ladder (According to customer requirements).
  9. Liquid level meter and lever controller (According to customer requirements).
  10. Eddy-proof board.
  11. Customized and Non-standard products also welcomed.