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Thermal oil furnace application on wooden

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Duct heater precautions and maintenance

1. Although the electric heater is equipped with a thermal protector, which can automatically cut off the power, it is only used in the case of wind in the air duct, and the accident of the heater must be avoided. Before heating, check that the relevant components are in a normal state, and ensure that the fan can run normally before putting the electric heater into use, thereby eliminating the possibility of ultra-high temperature without air drying. It is recommended to control it with the fan.

2. The power supply voltage must be equal to the voltage of the electric heater. The main power supply of the electric heater should be provided separately. The electric heater must be properly connected to the control circuit before it can be put into use.

3. Although the electric heater has a variety of protection devices, check all the connection terminals before use to ensure that they are secure. Grounding measures must be taken to ensure safety.

4. The air inlet of the electric heater needs to be equipped with a filter screen, and the filter screen should be cleaned regularly to prevent all kinds of foreign matter from entering and damaging the heating pipe or affecting the life and heat dissipation performance of the heating pipe.

5. The terminal should be kept at a distance of not less than one meter during installation to facilitate repair and maintenance.

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