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Thermal oil furnace application on spining

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Wood-based panel companies

Traditional heat-conducting oil heating system for wood-based panel companies: The electric heat-conducting oil-heating furnace system uses a WL--0600 organic carrier heating furnace. The heating oil furnace uses wood waste, waste boards, sawdust, sanding powder, coal and combustible waste. One or several kinds of mixed fuel are heated by the combustion chamber to generate heat energy to heat the organic heat carrier (heat-conducting oil), and then forced to circulate by the circulating pump to send the high-temperature organic heat carrier to the heating equipment and return to heat it. The system is composed of a combustion chamber, a hot oil circulation system, and a flue gas discharge system. The hot oil circulation system is to heat the heat-conducting oil and supply it to the dryer radiator, hot press, rubber supply system, and rubber workshop. When hot spots are used, the flue gas emission system purifies the flue gas generated by the combustion of the combustion chamber fuel and discharges it into the atmosphere. Calculation of heating furnace fuel demand WL--0600 organic carrier heating furnace rated heating value is 600 × 104kcal / h, thermal efficiency is 70%, average heat loss coefficient of the pipeline is 1.07, and its fuel heat demand is: Q0 = 600 × 104 × 1.07 / 0.7 = 917 × h104kcal / h The main raw material of this electric heating oil-conducting oil furnace is waste wood. The heat output per kilogram of dry waste wood is about 4000kcal. When the heat-conducting oil furnace is at full load, the waste wood will be dried every hour. The demand is about 2290kg, and the annual dry waste wood demand is about 16488t.

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