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Thermal oil furnace application on Medicine

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Electric heating oil furnace is a new type of low-pressure (normal pressure or low pressure) special, safe, efficient and energy-saving special industrial furnace that can provide high-temperature thermal energy. Heat transfer oil is used as a heat carrier. Heat is transferred to the heating equipment.

The electrically heated thermal oil system consists of an explosion-proof electric heater, an organic heating furnace, a heat exchanger (if any), an on-site explosion-proof operation box, a hot oil pump, and an expansion box. The user only needs to connect power and media. You can use import and export pipes and some electrical interfaces.

For electric heating oil furnaces, heat is generated and transferred through electric heating elements immersed in a thermal oil. Heat transfer oil is used as a medium, and a circulation pump is used to force the heat transfer oil to circulate in a liquid phase to transfer heat to one or more heat sources. After removing the heating device, the device passes the circulation pump again, returns to the heater, then absorbs the heat and transfers it to the heating device. This cycle is repeated to achieve continuous heat transfer and increase the temperature of the heated object to achieve the heating process. Claim.

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