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Thermal oil furnace application on bitumen

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Bitumen Industry

With the rapid development of China's highway construction industry, highway grades have been continuously improved, and highway construction and highway maintenance have increasingly higher requirements for asphalt quality. However, in terms of highway maintenance, there is not much demand for asphalt, and it is scattered in time and area. It is difficult to establish a fixed asphalt heating station to meet the needs of highway maintenance. Some people have trial-manufactured the movable heat-conducting oil furnace asphalt heating equipment. Moving from one place to another requires re-installation and debugging. Disassembly and installation take longer and cost more. Therefore, a kind of "vehicle-mounted heat conduction oil furnace asphalt heating equipment" was proposed. Its principle is to use the heat conduction oil to absorb automobile exhaust heat and heat the asphalt temperature to the use temperature. The heat-conducting oil furnace equipment not only overcomes the disadvantages of low heating efficiency and severe environmental pollution, but also speeds up highway maintenance, improves highway maintenance quality, and reduces highway maintenance costs. Vehicle-mounted thermal oil furnace asphalt heating equipment is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving highway maintenance facility that is easy to use and has little environmental pollution. With vehicle-mounted thermal oil furnace asphalt heating equipment, the radiation radius of highway maintenance roads can reach more than 200 km. The application of asphalt electric thermal oil furnace will greatly reduce the highway maintenance points and improve the quality of highway maintenance, especially for sparsely populated and residential Northwest China, where the points are scattered, can better reflect the superiority of the device, so it has broad prospects for promotion.

2020年1月10日 11:28