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Electrical heating thermal oil furnace advantages

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1. High-quality heat source. The hot oil heating system can output hot oil up to 350 ° C for hot users under normal pressure liquid phase. The thermal oil heating system adopts Fuji temperature control instruments from Japan and uses PID self-tuning intelligent temperature control technology with control accuracy of ± 1. The temperature is around ℃, which can accurately control the temperature range used. The heating main power supply uses a solid-state module non-contact switching circuit to adapt to frequent switching and has no interference to the power supply network. And has anti-dry burning. According to user requirements, a hot oil cooling system can be designed to meet the production process requirements that require rapid cooling after heating;

2. Save energy and low operating costs. The heat transfer oil heating system is a liquid-phase closed circuit. The difference between the oil temperature and the oil return temperature is 20-30 ° C, which means that only the temperature difference of 20-30 ° C can reach the operating temperature. At the same time, the equipment does not require water treatment equipment and there is no heat loss such as running, dripping, dripping and leaking of the steam boiler, and the heat utilization rate is very high. Compared with the steam boiler, it saves about 50% of energy;

3. Less equipment investment. Because the heating oil heating system is simple, there is no water treatment equipment and more auxiliary equipment, and the heating oil boiler withstands low pressure, so the overall system investment is less;

4. Safety. Because the system only bears the pump pressure, the heat transfer oil heating system has no explosion danger, so it is safer;

5. Environmental protection. The environmental protection effect of the organic heat carrier oil-conducting furnace system is mainly reflected in the extremely small amount of flue gas emission, and no pollution from pollution and heat.

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