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Duct heater installment and debugging

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The control cabinet should be installed in a dry and ventilated place where it is easy to operate. The air duct industrial electric heater shell and control cabinet shell should be reliably grounded, and the base nut should be tightened to make it stable.

Pay attention to the direction of the inlet and outlet when installing the duct-type industrial electric heater and external pipes. Before use, the air duct type industrial electric heater should measure the insulation resistance of the power access terminal and the metal casing not less than 2MΩ, and the relative humidity of the use environment is not more than 85%. The inlet and outlet ends of the power cord should be firm and reliable and must not be loose.

Before use, first check whether the power cable and temperature measurement element output wiring are correct, and whether the control cabinet components and nuts are loose and damaged. If there is any abnormality, tighten or replace them in time. After confirming that they are correct, you can test the power.

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