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Solutions for heater broken

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Q: The outlet temperature does not meet the design requirements

The first reaction should be the problem of the electric heating tube or the temperature sensor.

R: Please troubleshoot the on-site operator to check whether the resistance value of the heating tube is three-phase balanced. If it is unbalanced, it means that the heating tube is broken, and you can connect the spare tube. If it is balanced, consider whether the temperature sensor is damaged.


Q: The heating tube burned out during use

The first reaction is whether there is empty burning (this is a taboo for use), or the flow rate is too low, so that the heat on the surface of the heating tube cannot be taken away. It is recommended that the customer check the flow rate.

R: We design a resistance heating tube. The advantages of this heating tube are stable performance and zero pollution, but it must not be burned empty. Our heating tubes are designed with non-heating zones. Please check if there is an empty burn. Phenomenon, or if the flow is too small, the surface temperature of the heating tube is too high, and a tube burst occurs.


Q: The heating temperature is not displayed on the panel of the control cabinet.

The first reaction is that the heating tube is damaged, the temperature sensor and the temperature controller are broken.

R: Under the condition that there is no problem in checking the heating tube and temperature sensor, try a new temperature controller. Our temperature controller has PV value (actually measured temperature) and SV value (set temperature). Can be compared.

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