Electric Heater of Centrifugal Fan

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The duct heater with centrifugal fan is mainly used in the fields of duct, drying room and so on.


1. Using stainless steel heating tube to wrap fins as heating body, the total power is 108 KW.

2. Carbon steel is used as support.

3. Composite connection mode is adopted.

Product characteristics:

1. Large air volume, can make the air heated to less than 160 degrees Celsius, shell temperature is not high.

2. High efficiency, up to 0.85.

3. The heating and cooling rate is fast, and the regulation is fast and stable. There will be no advanced or lagging phenomenon of controlled air temperature, which makes the temperature control float indefinitely. It is very suitable for automatic temperature control.

4. Mechanical properties are good, because its heater is a special alloy material, so under the impact of high-pressure air flow, it has better mechanical properties and strength than any heater, which is more superior to the system and accessory experiments that require continuous air heating for a long time.

5. It is durable and has a service life of more than ten years without violating the rules of use. 6. Clean air.

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