Pipeline heaters are divided into two modes

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One is to use a flange tubular electric heating element inside the pipe heater to refill the reaction kettle jacket in the pipe heater to heat the heat transfer oil, and transfer the heat energy in the pipe heater to Chemical raw materials in the internal reactor of the pipeline heater.

Still another way is to insert the tubular electric heating element in the pipe heater directly into the reactor in the pipe heater or evenly distribute the electric heating pipe around the wall of the pipe heater.

Pipeline heaters are widely used in automotive, textile, printing and dyeing, dyes, paper, bicycle, refrigerator, washing machine, chemical fiber, ceramics, electrostatic spraying, food, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, tobacco and other industries to achieve ultra-fast drying of pipeline heaters. The pipeline heater has good radiation effect, the pipeline heater has obvious power saving, and the advantages of use and maintenance are convenient.

2019年8月5日 14:20
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