Air Duct Heater Working Principle

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The air duct heater is mainly composed of an electric heating tube, a heat exchange chamber, a baffle, a flange connecting the two sides of the heat exchange chamber, a nozzle, a temperature measuring sensor, and an outer frame composed of a main bracket and an outer casing.

The circulating air duct heater hot air enters the heat exchange chamber of the heater through the air inlet or the intake valve through the air inlet, is heated by the heating tube, is fully heated in the heat exchange chamber, reaches the required temperature, and the circulating air duct heater is The outlet is coming out. The circulating air duct heater is equipped with a temperature sensor at the air outlet, which can be transmitted to the control system through a certain path, and then the power output of the heater is controlled by the control system, and the air duct heater is circulated to realize automatic temperature control, and the heat is further heated. The exchange compartment also has a temperature sensor. The main function of the duct heater is to monitor the temperature of the heating tube. When the temperature of the heating pipe is too high or exceeds the set temperature range, the circulating air duct heater will automatically cut off the power of the heater and stop heating.


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