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Features of LAIYUAN duct heater

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All of our heaters include:

  1. Specifically, design elements taking into consideration the watts density of the heater which provide for outlet temperatures of up to 1,200°F/650°C.
  2. Element supports to prevent heater flexing.
  3. Terminal Box – customer built to suit the shape of Duct – IP Rated.
  4. Electrical wiring and connections suitable for 110/115v, 240 volts single phase

or 415/240 volts – 3 phase in single or multiple stages.

  1. Heater control in the form of thermocouple / thermostat. ( optional )
  2. Optional Extras – Various Mounting fixtures for inline fixing, wall mounted fixing or castors for mobile requirements.
2020年4月17日 19:48